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About Argentina


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About Argentina

Buenos Aires, the capital, is easily reached from the North American gateways of New York, Miami, and Los Angeles non-stop on many airlines: Aerolineas Argentinas, Lan Chile, American Airlines, and United Airlines.  

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Argentina Travel & Tours - Buenos AiresBuenos Aires and its metropolitan area have a population of about ten million.  Its population swelled with the European immigrants who arrived en masse at the beginning of the century, mostly from Spain and Italy.  They gave rise to its cosmopolitan culture and to such colorful neighborhoods as "La Boca", or the elegant and Parisian, "Barrio Norte".  Buenos Aires is today a very active center of political, economic and cultural life. It has attractions ranging from ballet and opera, performed in the grand Colon Theater (one of the best in the world!), to sports, museums, theaters, shops and nightlife.  In the city, Florida Avenue - a pedestrian walkway - together with Santa Fe Ave., are excellent shopping areas.  There is also Corrientes St. which is full of tango and bohemian spirit. 

In the plains of Buenos Aires, for centuries devoted to cattle raising, the figure of the gaucho was born and nurtured, a very daring and tough rider.  San Antonio de Areco keeps the gaucho traditions alive, holding celebrations and festivities showing the gaucho's riding skill.  La Plata, the provincial capital, was founded at the turn of the century. It is a good example of the urban practices of the period and its monuments and buildings show the splendor of the eclectic architectural design then popular.  

The mountains of Patagonia are characterized by magnificent landscapes of pine woods framing the numerous lakes whose placid waters exhibit colors ranging from deep turquoise to rich emerald green.  This lake region spreads South from Mt. Alumine down to Argentine Lake in the province of Santa Cruz  

In the southernmost region of the world, where the sea and the mountains meet, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans merge, silence is touching, and flora, fauna, and geography arouse the senses.  In this wild and magic area, glaciers, perennial snow, sea-lions, penguins, and the lush vegetation will be witness to the passage of the Patagonia glacier expedition cruises through legendary sea routes that bring to mind the history of sailors and natives in one of the most unexplored areas of the planet, a region unimaginably beautiful and indomitable, unspoiled and imposing.  

The river basins of Neuquen and Rio Negro hold the national parks of Lanin and Nahuel Huapi,  a rosary of beautiful lakes surrounded by luscious woods climbing high into the mountains.  With their rivers, brooks and rushing mountain streams, the parks offer breathtaking sites for camping and mountaineering.  The vegetation of the area is Argentina Tours & Travel - Snow Skiing exuberant and the local wildlife includes the puma, gray fox, huemil, seagull and condor.  The lakes and lagoons offer many species of fish,  and even more exotic species in its rivers. Some of the peaks in  this area are incredible - with Lanin, a volcano, and other high mountains like Tronador (3,554 m.), posing an irresistible challenge to mountaineers. Such peaks are numerous along the mountain range and their slopes offer  exciting skiing.  Bariloche, of international fame, is the best known of winter sports areas. 

The Glaciers National Park offers wide fields of snow and perpetual ice stretching over large areas on the mountain range and flowing down to the lakes.  The most spectacular of these is the Moreno glacier, whose wall rises fifty meters and spans 4 kms across the lake.  Fitz Roy rises 3,375 m. and poses an irresistible challenge for mountain climbers.  

All across the Andean foothills there are puma, guanacoes and Patagonian hare.  In the lagoons, the flamingos, black neck swans and other varieties of bird life make excellent targets for photographers. 

On the Southernmost part of the continent, the island of Tierra del Fuego, offers  Fagano and Escondido lakes, the Martial glacier and the Tierra del Fuego national park.  Visitors enjoy not only the natural beauty of the area, but can also indulge in winter sports, fishing, etc. 

From the port of  Ushuaia you embark on a sailing adventure to the coast of Antarctica.  And just a reminder - the seasons in the Southern hemisphere are the opposite of the North... snow skiing in August, anyone?  


Iguazu Falls - Argentina Tours & Travel
Iguazu falls
, is another of the magnificent attractions.  Eleanor Roosevelt was quoted as saying "poor Niagara!" when visiting this awe-inspiring site.

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