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Manta Rays - St. George's Caye Resort ® - Belize

St. George's Caye Resort® - Diving

The Dive Team - St. George's Caye Resort ® - BelizeSt. George's Caye Resort® offers something special amongst dive programs called Valet Diving.  It refers to the personal attention given to our divers with an ideal ratio between instructors and divers.  We prefer to have smaller groups that get more personal attention instead of larger groups doing "cattle diving."  If you are a novice diver, or just haven't been diving in a while, our instructors will take the time to go over skills with you in the shallows of the ocean to make sure you are 100% comfortable and confident before going on dives.  There is no rush with the Resort's program; we do this at your pace.  

Our training program is conducted at the highest level of professionalism.  We offer a Try SCUBA program for you to experience diving under the direct supervision of an instructor.  After teaching you basic skills in shallow water and going over some information that every diver needs to know, you go on a dive with your instructor as your dive buddy.  After this introduction to SCUBA, Diving in Belize - St. George's Caye Resort ® - Belize you decide if you want to continue training and become a certified diver.   Careful not to rush through the courses, our dive instructors have your safety, confidence and enjoyment first on their minds.  What is most important to us is that when you are certified, we know that you have received the best possible training for life long enjoyment of the sport.  Our business and reputation are built on the quality of divers that we have been training for over thirty years.  

Dive students will learn in the comfort of a safe and controlled environment under the care and supervision of our experienced dive instructors.  

The Open Water Diver certification courses we conduct are taught to the standards prescribed by the RSTC (Recreational Training Council) of which SSI, NASDS, PADI, RMCA, SCUBA, IDEA, and PDIC are all members.  This means that your course will contain the same information, dives, and exercises that you would be taught in stateside courses and that the certification received will be Diving with Sea Turtles - St. George's Caye Resort ® - Belize recognized worldwide.  We have chosen to teach under the SSI, Scuba School International's system because this program gives more experienced instructors greater flexibility as to precisely how the course is conducted.  

On our dives, we do all the work and you have all the fun.  Your equipment is checked, prepared, and loaded on the boat... even your mask is cleaned for you.  You are assisted with putting on your dive gear before the dive, and then each person is assisted with taking off their gear at the end of the dive.  At the end of each dive day, our crew will wash all equipment and have it organized and on the boat for the next scheduled dive.  Many veteran divers cannot believe the pampering they are given at St. George's Caye Resort®.  This personalized service has become our signature in the diving world.  

Diving  The Great Blue Hole - St. George's Caye Resort ® - BelizeFor the advanced diver, we offer a day trip to the Lighthouse Reef Atoll to visit the world famous, Great Blue Hole.  Measuring 1000 feet in diameter and 408 feet deep, this sinkhole was made known to the world outside Belize by the explorations of Jacques Cousteau.  Many divers come to Belize solely to explore this diving mecca.  After the Blue Hole, we dive two other wall sites at Lighthouse Reef to explore some of the most entrancing marine life the sea has to offer.  This full day trip includes lunch served on the picturesque Half Moon Caye Natural Monument, the nesting site of some 1500 pairs of Atlantic Red-Footed Booby Birds.  

Great Blue Hole near Lighthouse Reef - St. George's Caye Resort ® - Belize

Our instructors and dive staff have many years of experience and are extremely dedicated to the sport and to our guests.  They take pride in the service that they provide and their passion for diving adds to the experience for our guests.  

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