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M.V. Anakonda
Amazon Cruises

in Ecuador


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M.V. Anakonda Amazon Cruise Vessel - Napo River, Ecuador

Discover the Jungle

Travel on board the M.V. Anakonda Amazon River Cruise Vessel, the only luxury ship in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest, and experience the Amazon in a most unique way! Visit the remote and pristine areas where few have had the opportunity to travel, and interact with the region?s 15 local communities, while enjoying the comforts, commodities and services of a 5-star boutique hotel on board with us in the middle of the Ecuadorian Amazon. 

Our 40 guests aboard the 148 foot-long M.V. Anakonda Amazon River Cruise may enjoy a wide variety of wine and fine dining, complete with the all-inclusive comfort of a five-star boutique hotel. Our 18 suites, each with an area over 215 square feet, feature sitting areas, large and comfortable beds, and wall-to-wall panoramic windows. The observation deck with the outdoor Jacuzzi and our al fresco lounge are ideal places to have a cocktail, to relax with a good book or simply enjoy the spectacular view. 

Our guests may choose from four, five and eight-day itineraries, each one of them with spectacular highlights that are sure to make every passenger?s trip a memorable experience.  On our 8-days/7-nights itinerary, we visit Yasuni National Park, the Cuyabeno Wildlife reserve, and the Limoncocha and Pa?acocha biological corridors, giving our passengers the opportunity to connect with the Ecuadorian Amazon and experience its wonders. 

Our new programs to be offered include:

  • Stargazing

  • Natural Medicine

  • Ancestral indigenous encounters

  • Jungle Trekking

  • Glamping

  • More...



Trees along the Napo River in Ecuador - M.V. Anakonda Amazon Cruise Vessel - Napo River, EcuadorHike in Terra Firma Forest

This hike will lead us under the gigantic trees, for a close view of the rain forest floor to see how the lower plants complete for sunlight, among vines and epiphytes, observing the flowers and fruits that are the nourishment of the animals and birds.  


There are plenty of opportunities to swim in the Amazon basin?s rivers and lakes.  Or just go into the water to freshen up and relax. 

Night Excursions

Whether by paddle canoe or short walk, the feel of the tropical rain forest at night is an entirely different experience. 

Short or medium length walks 

These are included daily in the Amazon rain forest.  One of the walks will be accompanied by a native guide, who will introduce you to the secrets of the medicinal plants and their applications. 

Canoe Trips 

Canoe excursion on the Napo River in Ecuador - M.V. Anakonda Amazon Cruise Vessel - Napo River, EcuadorThis wide, white water river, which itself flows into the Amazon. The dense, green walls of gallery forest are broken occasionally by the small holding of the Quiches settlements as you navigate downstream.  The canoe trips along the rivers are excellent opportunities for viewing parrots, macaws, and herons and rivers turtles.  

Paddle native canoes

There are many opportunities if you wish to paddle native canoes on the small black water rivers and lakes, alone or in small groups. 

Bird Watching

Birdwatchers are offered the opportunity of early morning outings - the best time, when the birds are very active.  

Vines among the trees in the Amazon Rainforest - EcuadorConference by naturalist

Each evening, the naturalist guides will discuss different topics related to the Amazon rain forest. Its flora, fauna, bird life, native communities and many other subjects. 

In addition to our rainforest explorations, another important feature of the program will be our visits to the homes of forest residents.  We will visit and learn what their lives are like, living on the edge of this vast trackless forest.  A walk through their gardens is always interesting and we will learn their survival skills, which permit them to continue living in the complex tropical forest environment.  Almost all forest dwellers collect plants for medicines and we will talk to them about which plants they collect and their uses.  During our voyage you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with many different communities that live along the shores of the Napo River Basin.  


Our new and unique product in the Ecuadorian Amazon, camping in the middle of the rainforest in a glamorous way, with all the commodities and nothing to worry about besides relaxing and enjoying the fauna and flora of the region. 

Glamping -M.V. Anakonda Amazon Cruise Vessel - Napo River, EcuadorEach camp is fully sealed and above ground on a wooden platform equipped with comfortable beds, charming rustic furniture and superior service. Our guests will be able to enjoy gourmet meals, champagne and hot showers in our tented camp area after an exciting nature walk. 

A fabulous and unique activity that can be the perfect complement to the cruise. 

You may choose between several different camp sites, where you can enjoy and explore the beautiful rainforest and its incredible biodiversity of plants and animals, such as the black caimans or otters.  In the evening, a local guide will tell you exciting stories about adventures and the way of life in the magical Amazon region.  In the morning, travelers will go for a kayak excursion on the river and observe incredible wildlife.  After a delicious breakfast, they will go back on board the Anakonda Amazon Cruises. 

This is an additional program, with a maximum capacity of up to 10 guests. 

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