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Ecuador Volcano Tours

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Volcano Land - Haciend El Porvenir farmhouse - photo copyright 2002 by  Steven H. Spake
The main "casa de hacienda", or farmhouse, at Volcano Land.  This is at Hacienda El Porvenir, the center of operations, where most of our guests stay.
(Note the peak of Cotopaxi rising high in the background) 

Volcano Land

Volcano Land ("Tierra del Volcan") offers eco-tourism and adventure.  Volcano Land is an area located within Cotopaxi National Park and a name inspired by that formidable volcano and many others, especially Rumiñahui and Pasochoa. Tour volcanoes of this area of Ecuador.

A broad range of activities are available, from having lunch in the mud-walled and straw-roofed farmhouse, walking around the premises enjoying magnificent vistas while immersed in an awe-inspiring landscape, feeding the Normand calves, or resting in front of an inviting fireplace, all the way to spending several days making different tours. 

Because of the farm's privileged location, it is possible to take on hikes in forests 3,300 meters (10,800-feet) above sea level covered with native birch and other species, and then descend to the banks of the Pita River that flows through lava formations deposited by ancient eruptions amidst waterfalls and ravines. Peace is found in the wonderful atmosphere of this mountain road that goes down to the valley of Chillos, a road exclusively used by Volcano Land

It is possible to organize horseback rides up to the highest point in Rumiñahui's slopes over fields covered with straw along hidden trails and a dazzling landscape that encompasses several of our Andean volcanoes.  Silence is pleasant in these surroundings among colorful rosemary, yellow, pink, and lilac basswood, and the eternal "chuquiragua." Several species of falcon, "guarros", "curiquingues", "quilicos", and perhaps a condor and its mate followed by their fledglings can be watched while they go out for a flight above the summit of the volcano. 

The more daring tourists are offered the chance to climb impressive peaks, to trek along small valleys hidden between mountain folds, to make exciting bicycle tours through exclusive paths, or to ride on horseback on endless and unimaginably beautiful terrain. 

These and other experiences are complimented with the farmhouse's friendly atmosphere and its comfortable and well-appointed rooms, each named after a local "machai" (shelter): Carneri Machai, Curiquingue Machai, Puma Machai, etc. 

The range of possibilities includes a visit to Cotopaxi National Park and, especially, to the "hacienda" El Tambo and its hut located on the slopes of Quilindaña that recalls the existence of an ancient "tambo" or aboriginal shelter on the pre-Columbian road that went up to the sources of the Napo River

Other activities include fishing, climbing the Quilindaña, horseback riding up to Cotopaxi's very foothills and visiting Curipugyo, Ventanillas, the Magmas valley, the crater of the extinguished El Pailon volcano, or the magical Pantzas el Torino forest

Follow the links below to learn more about particular areas of interest:

Cotopaxi Volcano - photo copyright 2002 by  Steven H. Spake
The Volcanoes and Landscape

Inca Ruins - photo copyright 2002 by  Steven H. Spake
Incan Ruins in the Area

Living Room at Volcano Land Farmhouse
Facilities and Accommodations

A guest at traditional chagra outfit just back from horseback riding - photo copyright 2002 by Steven H. Spake
An Overview of Available Activities

Single-Day and Partial-Day Activities: Custom Tours

Multi-Day Activities: Fixed Tours

Map showing location of Volcano Land in Ecuador
Map and Description - The Location of Volcano Land

Hacienda El Tambo farmhouse with Cotopaxi volcano in the background - photo copyright Volcano Land
The farmhouse at Hacienda El Tambo with Cotopaxi looming large behind it.

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