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7-Days / 6-Nights

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Galapagos Land and Sea Safari
7-Days / 6-Nights - Itinerary

M.Y. Galapagos Odyssey - Galapagos IslandsExperience the contrast of sailing the waters of the Enchanted Islands aboard the Grand Natalia (formerly the Galapagos Odyssey), and a relaxing inland experience at Galapagos Safari Camp.  This 7-day tour has been carefully designed to give visitors the unusual opportunity to cruise some of the islands the traditional way, together with a more independent land-based anchorage in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island.  


Day 1 - Thursday 

Sea Lion - Santa Cruz Island, GalapagosBoard the Odyssey at San Cristobal Island where an introduction to the Galapagos will be given at the Park’s Visitors Center, followed by a visit to sea lion’s den.  


Day 2 - Friday

Española is the southernmost island of the archipelago and one of the oldest ones.  Gardener Bay has two white sand beaches backed by a dense thicket of Parkinsonia & Mesquite, an interesting variety of wildlife and some typical Costal Zone plants.  Punta Suarez is the only location where the Waved Albatross can be seen nesting.  Boobies, tropic birds and Swallow-tailed Gulls also breed here.  Blue-Footed Boobie

Day 3 - Saturday 

Post Office Bay in Floreana island is one of the earliest visiting sites in the archipelago where the whalers set up a barrel to post letters and has remained in use to this day.  This island has attracted several colorful characters who have knitted fascinating stories.  Punta Cormorant is located between two tuff cones and an excellent site for waders and Arid Zone plants.  Behind the beach is a large salt lagoon and mangroves where flamingos nest.  Turtles also nest here and stingrays can be seen in the shallows.  The plant life is particularly interesting as several species are only found on this island.  

Day 4 - Sunday 

North Seymour lies north of Baltra island and consists of uplifted submarine lava, covered with a forest of Dwarf Palo Santo trees and is a breeding site of frigate birds and two of the boobies.  Land iguanas and sea lions are easily spotted.  Galapagos Tortoise - Santa Cruz Island, GalapagosLast stop is Baltra where the cruise ends and the second part of the trip begins with a transfer to Galapagos Safari Camp in Santa Cruz, followed by an afternoon visit to the pit craters in the Scalesia Zone and the tortoise reserve.  

Day 5 - Monday 

Tortuga Bay is a beautiful white sand beach with a mangrove lagoon bursting with wildlife both in land and sea.  The backdrop of sand dunes offers further examples of costal vegetation.  This visit is intended to be unguided and leisurely, followed by lunch in Puerto Ayora and a self guided visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station which has a visitor’s center, the famous Lonesome George as well as a tortoise breeding center. 

Day 6 - Tuesday 

Guest Tent - Galapagos Safari CampGarrapatero is located in the South East of the island and accessible by road (biking can be arranged).  It is a lovely mangrove beach with a lagoon where flamingos can be often seen.  After a beach picnic lunch the afternoon is free to visit town, enjoy spa treatments or simply relax at the Camp.  

Day 7 - Wednesday 

Transfer to Baltra airport after breakfast.  

PLEASE NOTE: This package does not include flights, Park entry fee or transit card, beverages or extra consumption, service charge.  Flights can be arranged upon request.  

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