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8-Days / 7-Nights

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Galapagos SCUBA Safari
8-Days / 7-Nights - Itinerary 

Day 1 - Monday: 

Galapagos Tortoise - Galapagos Safari CampFlight to Baltra island and transfer to Galapagos Safari Camp.  Lunch and complete highlands tour: Los Gemelos.  These collapsed twin craters were formed by a series of eruptions when the island was still active.  This area in one of the few where the Scalesia forest is almost intact.  Some finch species and vermilion fly catchers can also be seen. Giant Tortoises. can be observed in the highlands of the island in their natural habitat.  Tortoises wander around the few farms of the area. Ducks and gallinuelas are also found here. Lava Tunnels.  Experience total darkness and learn about the formation of these fascinating islands.   

Day 2 - Tuesday: 

Santa Fe, 2 dives: the animals and topography (including a spectacular arch) make them interesting for intermediates and experts.  Reef Shark - Galapagos SCUBA Safari

Day 3 - Wednesday:

Daphne / Mosquera, 2 dives: At Daphne Galapagos sharks, schools of pelagic fish, & multicolored sponges on the rock wall can be seen. At Mosquera: a large garden eel colony, turtles, sea lions, and frequently white tip reef sharks.  

Day 4 - Thursday: 

Cousins, 2 dives: full of spectacular endemic black corals and other sightings may include frogfish, turtles, sea horses, and usually, hammerhead sharks.  

Day 5 - Friday: 

Seymour, 2 dives: This sites has the most different species per square foot of sandy bottom. We can se cleaning behavior, a large garden eel colony, sea lions, eagle rays, yellow-tailed grunts, big-eyed jack, and frequently white tip reef sharks.  

Day 6 - Saturday: 

Beagle, 2 dives: This site starts on a 12 meters deep platform that leads to a wall covered with black coral and sea fans. Hammerheads are often seen here.  

Sea Turtle - Galapagos Islands AdventureDay 7 - Sunday:

Gordon, 2 dives: (minimum experience to participate at this site is 30 logged dives)  Hammerhead sharks are the main attraction where they often conglomerate in large schools. You are likely to also see large pelagic fish, golden & eagle rays, turtles, morays.  

Day 8 - Monday: 

Galapagos Safari Camp checkout, transfer to Baltra airport and flight to Quito or Guayaquil.  

IMPORTANT: The itinerary may change due to National Park dispositions or to  circumstances beyond our control.  

SCUBA Diving Safaris include: 

  • Air Ticket. TAME Airline (Tariff may vary therefore changing package rate) 

  • Transfer: Airport-Hotel-Airport 

  • Accommodation. All meals. Highlands tour on arrival day 

  • Day dive tours: 12 dives. Complete Dive Gear, Bilingual guides (1 guide for every 4 
    or 5 divers). 

  • Transport to / from dive site. 

  • Towel service.  

SCUBA Diving Safaris DO NOT include: 

  • Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee ($100)
  • Transit Control Card ($10)

  • Transfers In Town

  • Alcoholic Beverages and Drinks

  • Personal Expenses and Tips

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