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Fishing Tours

In Guatemala, we offer all inclusive saltwater fishing tours, so if a group comes down, the only things they have to spend money on are souvenirs, personal expenses, tips to boat crews and the exit tax out of Guatemala.  The group can stay at a beach side resort or at a private house.  Boats range in size from 25´pangas (similar to Mexican skiffs) for coastal fishing to a 35´Viking.  The usual size boat is a 31' Bertram.  Pangas have a captain and one mate while sport fishing boats have a captain and two mates.  Fishermen catch jacks, red snappers, rooster-fish, dorado (dolphin), sailfish, marlin (black, blue and stripped), tuna (bonito, yellow fin), etc.  All billfishing in Guatemala is catch and release and our company only uses circle hooks.

Sail Fish - Guatemala Fishing Tours
Fishing tour groups are met at the airport and driven to the resort or house at the coast, about a 90 minute drive.  They are driven from their choice of lodging to the marina and back, about 15 minutes each way, every fishing day.  The restaurant at the resort or a chef at the house provides breakfast, dinner, snacks, national drinks, etc.  While on the boat snacks, drinks and lunch is served (usually sandwiches but if the boat selected has a galley and a dorado is caught then dorado fillets).

Fishing Boat - Guatemala Fishing ToursDepending at what time the flight leaves the next day, anglers can stay their last night at the resort (about 90 minutes from the airport) or at a boutique hotel in either Guatemala City (about 10 minutes from the airport) or at the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala (about 1 hour from the resort and about 1 hour from the airport).  If Antigua Guatemala is selected we include a guided walking tour of the city. While in Guatemala if anglers decide to change their last nights lodging, dinner might not be included. 

Onboard Boat - Guatemala Fishing ToursBoat captains in Guatemala start at the bottom of the totem pole.  They start young and either come from local commercial fishing boats or first help around the dock doing any chore in sight: take a fisherman's bag from the boat to the bus, fill coolers with ice, help clean the boats, help prepare bait, etc.  If they are good, consistent and have initiative they are called to be assistants to a second mate and when a boat goes out with one or two anglers they tag along to learn the ropes.  From assistant they become second mate to first mate. 

Angler with an Interesting Fish he caughtWhen a new boat comes down the owner shops around for a boat captain and if none are available (which is usually the case) then a first mate with plenty of experience becomes boat captain.  They have to know how not to beat a boat to death by driving too fast, be patient with first timers, be comfortable among die hard anglers, use conventional or fly fishing gear, know where the fish are, etc.

Boat owners in Guatemala are very particular, they don't put up with incompetence.  If a captain is not very good he is sacked, quickly.  Anglers have taken our captains and mates around the world to be their mates at international tournaments.  With the high numbers of fish caught and released in Guatemala each season, crews are very well trained and seasoned. 

What is Included:

  • All ground ground transportation

  • Meals: all meals, snacks and national drinks. (Dinners are not included while staying in La Antigua or Guatemala City.)

  • Hotel accommodations

  • All 28' to 32' boats come fully equipped with
    conventional fishing tackle and bait, include one
    captain and two mates, have a potty, have a cooler with fresh fruit, items for making sandwiches and drinks (purified water, soft drinks and beer) and are out in the water approximately 8 hours.  They leave the
    dock at 7:00 am and return anywhere from 3:00 to 5:00pm. 

All billfishing in Guatemala is catch and release and our company only uses circle hooks.

What is Not Included:

  • Tips to the boat crew

  • Country Exit Tax

  • Expenditures on items of a personal nature (medicines, souvenirs, etc.)

  • Airline Tickets to-and-from the USA

  • Phone calls from the hotel room as well as laundry service are paid by the anglers.

Anglers with a nice Sail Fish

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